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We’re delivering safe, secure, smooth ground handling.

Business Service

Suzuyo Sky Holdings is offering comprehensive ground handling service.

Business Service

Dream Sky Nagoya

  • Luggage return Luggage return
  • Customer deplaning Customer
  • Customer boarding guidance Customer boarding
  • Weight/balance management Weight/balance
  • Check-in Check-in
  • Pre-flight briefing Pre-flight briefing

Chubu Sky Support

  • Cargo storage Cargo storage
  • Aircraft guidance (Pushback Towing) Aircraft guidance
    (Pushback Towing)
  • Luggage and cargo loading Luggage and cargo
  • Aircraft cabin cleaning Aircraft
    cabin cleaning
  • Luggage and cargo unloading Luggage and cargo
  • Replenishing onboard consumables Replenishing
    onboard consumables

With Centrair as its base of operations, Suzuyo Sky Holdings is
boldly expanding into more regions and fields.

Passenger Service Passenger Service

Passenger Service

We are engaged in providing a multitude of services related to departure, arrival, and transit for international and domestic flights. As professionals who treat each individual customer with care, we use the skills and expert knowledge necessary for airport passenger handling to support a safe and pleasant journey.

Ramp Service Ramp Service

Ramp Service

Through aircraft guidance (marshalling) and pushback, we ensure safe movement for aircraft on the ground. Also, in the limited time between touch down and the next takeoff, we use top-notch teamwork to carry out quick and accurate luggage and cargo loading, unloading, and transfer.

Flight Operation Service Flight Operation Service

Flight Operation Service

We're constantly on top of information regarding both the airport's operations on the ground and air travel to support safe, secure flights. As a command of airport ground handling, we maintain communication closely with all relevant departments such as Crew, Passenger/Cargo/Ramp section and Aircraft Maintenance for Dispatch and Load control of the Flight.

Cargo Service Cargo Service

Cargo Service

We offer full cargo service, from receiving cargo brought to the airport, to handling in the storage terminal, unloading, and loading. We handle each unit of cargo speedily and carefully, supporting aerial transport as the logistics infrastructure of the sky.

Aircraft Service Aircraft Service

Aircraft Service

We offer speedy and thorough cabin cleaning to be done in the short time between landing and the next takeoff. We create a pleasant cabin environment through draining and replenish water service and changing out the items used by passengers during their flight.

GSE /Ground Support Equipment

We have GSE in both high quantity
and uncompromising quality to
handle any aircraft, large or small.
We're continuing to actively introduce
industry-leading equipment to promote safe,
comfortable travel.

Aircraft Towing with pushback Tractor Aircraft Towing with pushback Tractor

Aircraft Towing with pushback Tractor

We have nine units in multiple types for use with large and small aircraft.

Passenger Step Motorize

Passenger Step Motorize

We have six stair cars compatible with aircraft types as small as the E170/175 to as large as the A380.

Ground Power Units

Ground Power Units

We have one GPU capable of supplying power to even the newest, state-of-the-art aircraft.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Forklift

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Forklift

In our pursuit of drastically reducing CO2 emissions, we have four hydrogen fuel cell forklifts.

Belt Loader

Belt Loader

We introduced a belt loader that enables semi-automatic unloading in 2019.

Sky Rack System

Sky Rack System

Automatically sorts, stores, and transports air cargo, drastically reducing time spent unloading from the storage terminal.

Company overview

Company Name
Suzuyo Sky Holdings Co., Ltd.
1st Centrair bldg 3F, 1-1 Centrair, Tokoname-shi, Aichi, Japan
Chairman and Representative Director
Shunichi Kusunose
President and Representative Director
Shinji Akamatsu
April 2, 2018
Capital Fund
Shareholder Composition
  • Suzuyo & Co., Ltd. 92.5%
  • Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. 5%
  • Meiko Trans Co., Ltd. 2.5%
Number of Group Employees
  • 793 people(As of Jul 1, 2021)
Business Description
Supporting airport ground operations for aerial transport
Group Company
Dream Sky Nagoya Co., Ltd.
Chubu Sky Support Co., Ltd.


Suzuyo Sky Holdings, ground support company of Chubu Centrair International Airport and holding company of Dream Sky Nagoya and Chubu Sky Support, was founded in April of 2018. The goal was to improve unity and maximize safety, quality, and productivity of the two companies cooperating on handling flights. By utilizing the group's power to work together and produce insights exceeding that of an ordinary organization, we're able to give our all to continue providing a wide variety of high quality and safe services, including passenger service, aircraft service, operation service, ramp service, cargo service, and even a lounge.

By becoming a single group, we've been able to realize goals beyond simple process improvement, installing an automatic rack in the storage terminal (Sky Rack System), a new employee dormitory, and other large investments. Our strength is in in our ability to continually seek all-round improvement, and achieve real results as a group. We're going to keep up our improvement in all areas, persistently advancing as a group. Also, we believe it's our responsibility to utilize the operations, service, and human resource quality we've cultivated while performing ground handling for Chubu Centrair International Airport to make your lives better and easier in a multitude of ways. We won't get caught up in stubborn ways of thinking, we're going to make bold challenges into new airports and new services, and aim for the continued growth of our group.

As a company supporting societal infrastructure, our desire is to contribute to putting a smile on your face. To that end, we will unite our powers as a group, and use the full extent of our knowledge as we push forward.

Suzuyo Sky Holdings Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director
Shinji Akamatsu


Group Management Philosophy

Suzuyo Sky Holdings Group employees will
produce smiles through safety, security, and comfort.



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